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Teacher. Student. Advocate. Personal essays about grief, loss, mindfulness, mental health, and the complexities of being human.

How caring for my dying child carved a path to wonder, God, and the afterlife

Photo by Michael L on Unsplash

Hormonal birth control, autoimmune disease, and the dismissal of women’s pain

Lived Through This

Moments when ‘everything’s going to be ok’ isn’t true

Photo: eranicle / Getty Images

This Is Us

Joy comes when we let go of the idea that we deserve it

The author with her son.
The author with her son.
Sam, age 5

I recognized the injustice of Hooters, but I filled out the application, put on the uniform and worked hard to become a good Hooters Girl

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In the months surrounding my son’s death, yoga transformed from exercise to something else entirely

Sam, age 5, practicing yoga. Photo courtesy of author.

The invisible cost of cancer

Photo: Tyler B Dvorak

Erin Benson

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